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A Simple Guide to Pruning Your Wisteria

Pruning Wisteria can seem complicated, but if you follow this simple guide you can’t go wrong!
Summer pruning (July/August)
This time of year, the Wisteria has put on its long summer growth, which can get a bit out of control. You simply cut back these summer lateral shoots to 5 or 6 buds from the main stem framework. This keeps the plant tidy, stops wayward growth in the guttering or windows and stimulates flowering buds.
Winter pruning (January/February)
At this time, you shorten the same cuts you made in the summer to 2 or 3 buds from the main stem framework. These short spurs should produce flower that year.
This is also a good opportunity to check over the main framework and make any rejuvenating pruning cuts you think necessary. Wisterias are very resilient and can withstand being cut back to ground if necessary, which is sometimes required if your house is being worked on.
Remember to stay safe on the ladder!


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