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Solid Surface Driveway: Case Study Part Two

Surfacing the Drive - Finishing up

The next step in the new drive project for one of our Dorset Clients was surfacing the driveway. They wanted the look of gravel for their driveway but needed it to be a solid surface that met the new drainage regulations.

Permeable paving reduces local flooding, prevents any problems with subsidence and stops any garden walls or pathways from cracking. Regulations in England state:

Planning permission is not needed if a replacement, or new driveway uses a permeable surface (gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt) or the new non-permeable surface directs rain to drain naturally into a lawn or border.

If you choose not to do this, and planning permission is not obtained, you may be fined.

Resin bound surface in colours that match natural gravel also avoid that annoying “drift” which occurs over time with conventional, loose gravel.

After our hard work in preparing the compacted base (thanks, Joe)

it was time for the open textured tarmac to be laid. This instantly transformed the front of the property’s driveway, but remarkably, this was still work in progress. Edging the tarmac with Forest Marble stone tied together the flow and shape of the driveway with the stone frontage of the house.

The next step was to enlist help from the team at Kingsmere Surfacing in Gillingham to complete the client’s brief: to recreate the look of gravel but with a solid surface drive. This would inevitably change the colour of the driveway back to a more natural looking gravel, but with the added advantage of the bonded gravel staying put!

Kingsmere Surfacing were able to complete the final surface in less than a day, ending in a stunning and functional result that will last.

​The icing on the cake for us, was this testimonial from the client, Nigel Osborne: “I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you, Maurice and Joe as well as the team at Kingsmere for doing such a fabulous job. I’ve been impressed with the professionalism and diligence of the work at every stage and I have confidence that this is a job well done. It has totally transformed the front of the house and it is everything we hoped it would be.”

You can find the talented surfacing team at Kingsmere Surfacing Ltd here:


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