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Love Your Lawn this September

With September halfway through, there’s no denying that autumn is on the way. Our September lawn care tips will help you to look after your lawn and give you a garden you'll love.

MOW less often during autumn: One of the benefits of the cooler weather and shorter days is that the grass growth will slow down. This is the ideal time to raise the mowing height (ideally to one and a half inches). By doing this, you will have a lawn that is able both to tolerate any final days of warm weather and conversely be ready for the wet weather that is on the way.

SCARIFY your lawn: A scarifier is a garden tool that cuts through the soil, removing dead moss and any grass cutting debris. This aerates the soil and makes it healthier. You can either use a spring-tined rake or a machine to scarify, depending on the size of lawn to be treated.

FEED and FERTILISE: September is the top time to do this. It is also the last chance month to use a lawn weedkiller, annihilating any annoying buttercups or daisies. Feeding should be done after scarifying and aerating but before any top dressing is applied. Toughening up the lawn for the coming winter involves using a high potassium autumn lawn feed. This will keep it looking healthy and green during the cooler months. If moss is an issue, an application of autumn fertiliser and moss killer will turn the moss black in a couple of weeks. Always follow the instructions to any lawn fertiliser carefully!

DRESS: Top dressing is the process of applying loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter to a lawn and can be worked in with the back of a rake. Dress your lawn to make the texture of the soil better and help correct any lumps and bumps in the lawn’s surface. This will encourage thicker turf and better rooting.

This autumn, if you are thinking of laying a new lawn to turf or seed, or want help with your lawn care, our team will be happy to help you.


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