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Get To Grips With Your Garden This October

October is almost upon us, so we’ve got a few tips for the month ahead.

Mow if it’s mild! October is the last chance to get a neat finish on your lawn. Mow once a week at most and turn your attention to tidying and trimming the lawn edges to keep the October them looking smart over winter. Never mow wet or frosty grass, though, as this will simply compact the soil and damage the turf.

Treat your tools! Once they’ve stopped doing the hard work in the garden, give your lawnmower and any trimmers the treat of a good clean (and service if necessary) before storing safely for the spring.

Pond protection! Now is the time to clear any oxygenating plants, leaves or weed, and take out any pumps or removable fountain systems for cleaning and storing over winter. Finally, make sure the nets are secure over a smaller pond to stop autumn leaves from falling in and polluting the water.

Feed the birds! Now is the time to get your garden fully equipped to help the birds through the colder times ahead. Fill your feeders, brush out the bird bath and hang fat balls to give your feathered friends the energy boost they need.​

Harvest your squashes! Whether you’re growing the perfect pumpkin for Hallowe'en, or prefer the thought of enjoying hearty squash stews and soups, cut and store any squashes in a cool, but frost free shed or porch. This will keep them in tip top condition until you’re ready to carve!​

Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour this October!


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