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PA1 and PA6 Qualified, or is Joe a new Ghostbusters member?

Keeping up to date with qualifications and undertaking courses is important to us as a team and to the customer, who can be reassured we can provide an effective service. We believe investing in our team is imperative, as should any landscaping business.

Joe has recently successfully completed his PA1 and PA6 spraying qualifications at Kingston Maurward College based near Dorchester. This has given him a life time recognised professional qualification within our industry and is an asset to have on our team.

Through taking this course, you learn about legislation, health and safety requirements, precautions, product label information and safe handling and use of pesticide application, including the handling and safe use of pesticides using knapsack sprayers.

Joe is now able to spray herbicide weed killers which forms part of our duties while maintaining some of our gardens and is also qualified to work in public places. Herbicides can be effectively used on perennial and parasitic weeds where other methods are not successful. It's vital that you stay safe during this process and also provide customers with an excellent quality of service.

Making sure your clothing is fully protected, knowing exactly which chemicals can be mixed safely, and knowing how to deal with any spillage are vital to both your and client health and safety. Without proper training and knowledge on how to perform a task, more damage than good may be caused.

If you would like to discuss our garden maintenance service or would like your garden developed, please get in touch.


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