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My Five Winter Favourites

Winter is often the season most overlooked by gardeners, with the weather often unpredictable and almost certainly cold! However, there are many plant options which can brighten up even the gloomiest winter day. The following five are a few of my favourites...
We've also added some helpful information about each plant from the RHS website for you.
1. Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ – This has fantastic bright red stems that impact on the eye in winter

2. Helleborus niger – This has dark green foliage and beautiful white flowers

3. Mahonia x media – Striking rosette like architectural foliage and yellow flowers

4. Sarcococca hookeriana – Highly fragrant and evergreen sweet box which can take shade

5. Garry eliptica – tassels of flowers hanging elegantly on an evergreen shrub, ideal against a cold /shady wall.

Take a look at my Pinterest link to see some beautiful examples of the plants listed above:

Visit the RHS website here

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